TekNiche supports a wide variety of your computer needs. We fix problems with existing hardware and applications as well as adding new functionality via hardware and software add-ons. Security is always an issue; TekNiche is there for you, making your computer as secure as possible from viruses and spy-ware. Backup and recovery, tutoring, and lay-language documentation are all part of TekNiche痴 offerings. Our services are designed to help you become more productive and less frustrated.

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We値l analyze your current model and create a proposal outlining software that can benefit your working requirements. From email to web design, anti-virus to spy ware, TekNiche can assist in all your software needs. As always, we値l maintain and support whatever we install.

Software Needs

TekNiche will send out a technician to your home or business to evaluate your computer. We値l run general maintenance programs as needed to get your computer back up and running at full speed. We can also add more memory and install most hardware devices like disk drives, video cards, game ports, and CD/DVD drives.

Computer Maintenance



Have your business or home needs changed or expanded? TekNiche can help you keep up!

Is your computer running sluggishly? Just like any fine tool or instrument, a computer needs a tune-up regularly.

TekNiche can help design and install a secure network so you can share the internet, printers, files or game boxes from anywhere in your home or office. We値l also troubleshoot and repair your existing network connections.

Network and Internet

Does your home or business need network setup and/or help? TekNiche handles it all - wireless or Ethernet, high speed internet via DSL or cable modem.

Documentation: All Sorts

We have experience in developing and writing clear specifications, user instructions and system documentation. Putting policies and procedures in writing can eliminate confusion in your business and even, at times, avert disaster!

TekNiche puts it all in clear, layperson language. Still unclear? We値l fix it!

Is information about your system written in tech-speak...or non- existent? TekNiche to the rescue!

TekNiche can set up and maintain the hardware, software and procedures to assure that you or your business always has a backup of data. Secure, off-site backups of unlimited size are also available at a competitive price.

Data Backup and Recovery

Good backups are a must. We値l do secure full or incremental backups to assure your important documents are safe.

To learn ways in which TekNiche can help fill your particular needs in the world of small computer systems, including your home PC setup, contact us! .


We are easily reached and make house calls.

And Many More Ways to Serve You...

Need help with anti-virus, spam or spy ware? Call us for more details about these and other TekNiche offerings.

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